Using Choice Eliminator for Parent Conferences

by Joe Kemery: @Mr_Kemery

It’s that time of year. That time when you struggle to find a way to meet the needs of 36 people within a tight schedule. No, I’m not talking about students, I’m talking about parent conferences. Never fear, with Google Forms and the Choice Eliminator add-on, this just got much easier. In addition to keeping your entire schedule updated online, it allows parents to cancel and change appointments.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 1.15.24 PMUsing Google Forms, create a general schedule that you’d like. Page Breaks and ‘Go to Page Based on’ are essential tools in this. With the form, you are able to send parents to specific pages. This will allow for parents to select the date and time that will work for them. I generally use a simple ‘Choose from List’ (Drop Down if using the New Forms layout) for the days of the week, which will then lead the user to a specific list of time slots for that day. Once completed, you can use a basic spreadsheet to organize your day. Make sure to start the Choice Eliminator add on prior to sending out your form, so any selected time slots will be automatically removed from the options.    

In addition to saving on paper, having a single Form helps you to stay organized with your conference schedule. You, as the teacher, will have a spreadsheet generated automatically listing your students’ names, parents’ names, contact information and the conference time they have selected. Having it all in one place is so much more efficient than tirelessly attempting to fit hand written requests into a tight schedule. You don’t have to worry about misplacing any paper! I personally like to use the RowCall add on in Sheets to separate each of my blocks of time into an individual sheet within the workbook.

CLICK HERE For an example of a parent conference form.

**Small disclaimer: If you are using the newest version of Forms, the add-ons are currently unavailable (though they’ll be back soon enough). Until then, just click on the little running man in the bottom corner to revert to the previous version of Forms.


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