Find My Phone

by Joe Kemery: @Mr_Kemery

If you’re anything like me, everything goes through your phone– everything– And I’m not just talking social media here.  Anything that has to do with work is going through my phone nowadays, from emails, to my gradebook, to our school’s Facebook and Instagram accounts to my classroom Drive. But with all of that information, it makes not only find my phonekeeping my phone secure a priority, but also having a means of tracking and wiping that phone essential.

One little known Chrome trick is the ‘Find My Phone’ feature.This feature only works if you have your Google account connected to your smartphone and your computer.  You simply type ‘Find My Phone’ into a google search on your computer, and you’ll instantly be brought to a map showing the location of the phone. This has been great for my peace of mind whenever I walk out of the house without my phone, quickly letting me know that it’s still sitting on the counter, charging.

If you happen to misplace your phone, you will quickly be able to see not only where the phone is, but also if it’s on the move. On the occasions where my wife had just pulled out of the driveway, and I left my phone in her car, I could just click on the ‘Ring’ feature and she was able to pick it up and turn around. This is also great if yolock and eraseu’ve ever lost your phone inside the house, and just want to have it ring so you can track it down. Regardless of whether your phone has been set to silent/vibrate, the phone will ring for up to 5 minutes at full volume.

Unfortunately, we also need to prepare for the event that someone may have your phone who shouldn’t. Whether you leave it in the backseat of your Lyft or Uber ride, or  someone swipes it, you want to be able to quickly disable the phone and remove all of your important information. In order to do that, you will still need to sign into your Android Device Manager.  You’ll again be prompted to sign into your account, and will see a backdrop of a map with your phone’s location, with the option to ‘Lock and Erase’ your phone. Especially in a world where so much information is digital, it is great to know that you can quickly remove any secure and private information.


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