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Too often, I find myself supplying many classroom resources for my students.  I spend hours before and after class trying to find the right websites, videos and other materials to help students not only grasp a concept, but to try to push their learning based on what they are finding most interesting.  It takes so much time out of my day and does not really support students as we try to crowdsource materials for a unit.  

Thanks to the Share to Classroom Extension, gathering of materials is something that is constantly happening in class now.  Share to Classroom helps to save time and creates a more interactive class.  The extension allows you to push web pages to your any of your Classroom classes, so that they open instantly on your students’ computers. Especially when trying to get students to evaluate materials, this extension gets your students on the right page, quickly and reliably every time. This is so valuable when you want to bring the whole class together for a moment, yet want to allow the the freedom to explore the content at their own pace. If you prefer to just gather materials for student to access, you can also post announcements, create assignments, or save webpages to post to Classroom later. As someone that uses many elements of the flipped classroom, being able to attach my own videos to a question has really helped to both hold students accountable and gather information for the next day’s instruction.     


As a teacher, what has made this extension so useful is that student no longer need to waste time finding a link, scanning a QR code, or even having students follow along with you as you present. Students get the webpages that I share almost instantaneously, without having to type out the whole URL. Even more powerful is that now students can push those webpages that they find to me!  Having students able to quickly push a resource to me has really helped with the overall quality and vetting that students are doing for websites.  I will often find that they have found a better website than I originally did, and can quickly push that out to all of my students.

student share


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