Q&A With Google Slides

By @Mr_Kemery

I’ve always had those students that didn’t like asking questions.  Either they didn’t like to do it in front of a group, or just thought that they had the information and didn’t need to dig any deeper.  But just last week, Google released the new Q&A feature, allowing for real-timeslides questions from your class (or audience if presenting). Q&A allows teachers to take on questions throughout a lesson without interrupting, get feedback and comments from theirclass, and focus their instruction on exactly what their students need, based on their own interactions with the material. Using the link that appears on the slides, viewers can post their questions from their smartphones, laptops, and tablets. This has been such huge boost to questioning in my own class.  Students no longer need to raise hands or shoot out an email to get a question answered. The results, which appear in the presentation, are fantastic for students who feel too nervous to throw questions at the speaker in person. They may post the questions anonymously or with their name and pic.

QAvotesAs the teacher, I can see these questions while teaching, and can address them as I see appropriate. I’m sure many can relate to being asked a question that you plan on addressing in a few moments, and now I can simply bring that to their attention when I get to that part of the lesson. I can also quickly present the asked question to my students.  By clicking on the ‘Present/Hide’ button in the presentation pQAhistoryanel, I can quickly pull up an asked question and remove it once I’m ready to move on with my lesson.

Finally, another awesome feature is that students can vote on the questions that they
think badly need an answer by clicking on a thumbs up or thumbs down option. Even those students who struggle with asking the ‘right’ question can identify those questions that they themselves would like to have addressed. All Q&A sessions can be revisited through the Tools menu on Slides. This has already helped in shaping my future lessons through the feedback and questions that have arisen from the the previous day.


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