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K12 Education Information Technology [Graphic] #EduIT

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by Howard Chan @socratech 

There was a time when K12 technology departments were just seen as technical support, district compliance (also known as “control”) and managers of data information. It was the office filled with “geeks” who knew very little about teaching and preferred to speak in bits and bytes. It was often treated as a separate entity responsible for making sure equipment was working properly and data was protected from security breaches. The thought of the technology department making decisions on any academic programs was as far fetch as teachers making decisions on technology infrastructure. How times have changed…

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When I meet with the wide variety of stakeholders in education, I have always used a version of the following graphic to explain the evolution of technology in education. The team no longer consists of just IT anymore, it includes stakeholders in leadership (academic), teachers, and operations staff. In our world, we translate that to the TAO (Teachers, Admin, Operations).